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New Book Unveils Ultimate Galveston Bucket List

GALVESTON, TX -- Getting a local recommendation during a visit or advance tips from family and friends is an essential part of planning a vacation. How about arming yourself with 100 suggestions for that trip? Galveston is the newest city featured in the “100 Things” bestselling travel series published by Reedy Press. “100 Things to Do in Galveston Before You Die,” written by Christine Hopkins and Heidi Lutz, is available in April just in time for your next travel plans. 


Hopkins is a proud BOI meaning she was “Born on the Island” and has lived in Galveston for nearly all her life. Lutz considers herself an IBC or “Islander Both Choice” and has enjoyed island living for more than 25 years. Both are known for their passion for the island and offer their expert insider perspective to this guide with sections on Food and Drink, Music and Entertainment, Sports and Entertainment, Culture and History, Shopping and Fashion, Suggested Itineraries and Activities by Season.


“Heidi and I got to know each other when I did public relations for the Galveston Island Convention & Visitors Bureau and she was with the local newspaper,” says Hopkins. “We’ve always worked well together and became great friends, so this was a fun and easy collaboration.” 


“We both love sharing our tips about what to see and do in our island city,” adds Lutz. “After we decided to write the book, the hardest part was limiting the list to 100.”  


Both have written numerous blogs about Galveston and have given tours in both their professional and personal lives. “People are always pleasantly surprised with how much there is to do on our island,” says Hopkins. “This book is fun for first-time visitors as well as frequent guests,” adds Lutz. “Use it for your advance planning and impromptu activities.” 


The book will be available in various Galveston gift shops including Bishop’s Palace, Moody Mansion & Museum, Galveston Bookshop, Tina’s on The Strand and other locations. For a full listing of retailers and author events, visit the website at (launching soon).



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