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Christine is a proud BOI meaning she was “Born on the Island.” She was born and raised in Galveston and began working in the island’s tourism industry when she was 15 years old as a water slide attendant at the now-demolished Sky Rapids Water Slide at Stewart Beach.


For more than 25 years, she’s worked in travel and tourism promoting Galveston. Her tourism background makes her a bit of an expert on Galveston Island. She’s written more than 300 blogs on Galveston offering travel tips on what to see and do. And over the years, she’s given hundreds of tours for visiting travel writers showcasing the sites on the island. 


Heidi Lutz is an award-winning writer and designer who moved to Galveston for her first job out of college - working at the local newspaper. She got the sand between her toes as they say in Galveston and nearly a quarter-century later, she is still there living and loving island life. She is what locals call an IBC or “Islander By Choice.”


Heidi has spent almost half of her life learning about Galveston up close and personal as a reporter, editor, publicist, blogger, tour guide and active community volunteer. Friends now turn to her for recommendations on best places to stay, visit, eat and shop in Galveston, and jokingly refer to her as the unofficial Galveston visitor’s bureau.

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